Hi!…This is my first entry in English all because the English class @ University.

Well, how title says, I’m going to tell you about Struts.

In the software development there are a lot of frameworks and tools like: Java, .NET, Ruby, etc.

Well, Struts’ a framework that help to develop web applications using Java and MVC, clearing and optimizing the life-cycle’s software to the developers.

So, what’s different with Struts?…Struts has some files where you can place some configurations, general files, paths, etc. saving time when you need to edit generic text file by file.

Another cool thing we can use in struts are the tiles, that are mini-pages that can be placed inside of a main page.

Some example of web sites developed with struts:

Ok, but someone could be interested on it and need some information or documentation about it. Well, you can find out some information at:

Obviously I didn’t give all the information about Struts, but is a good way to get involved.


I hope you like it!, comments accepted (but spam or trolling).



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