Hi!, I’m again here!.

Well, as you noticed the last entry was related with Java; this one is going to talk about another framework for Java…Introducing ‘Play!’.

First, what’s ‘Play!’?
‘Play!’ is a stateless framework for web application development. Stateless means tahtyou don’t need to save your data exchange with the client in many variable or cookies, actually encapsulates all the state variable in just one cooke.

‘Play!’ is also a web container, so you don’t need to configure a service or a server to meka a web application work; all you need to start you application is execute the command: “play run [your application’s name]” and go to the browser to the addres: “localhost:9000”.

‘Play!’ is multiplatform, it runs even on BSD forks.

You can wath an example of ‘Play!’ @

I hope you like it,

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